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Meet our dogs! 

We update this section frequently to give all the dogs their time in the spotlight.

Click the pictures for more info.

Thank you ever so much Thomas 

for helping us with the new profile pictures! 


Saab has loads of energy and will run around and make you chase her for breakfast and dinner.


Every time you call out his name he comes running up to you, and without hesitation there is always a playful kiss greeting you.


With the right owner Fergal would make a fabulous companion.  He will listen to commands and is very trainable. 

Sheba (2).jpg

Sheba is gentle with humans but can be timid around men at times. She is excellent on the lead, doesn’t pull, walks nicely and loves running on the training lead.

Samson (2).jpg

Samson is a gentle giant.  He is a big softy, so friendly, with humans and other dogs.  He just wants to play, sniff, and have company.

Walnut (2).jpg

Walnut is an affectionate dog, loves a cuddle, treats and playtime. He will listen to commands and with the right experienced owner be a great companion


Suzanne is such a gentle little girl, she just loves being touched, wants to be close to her humans. 


She’ll need a patient, experienced owner who will give her guidance and help her grow more confident. She is a gentle, sweet dog who just wants to be loved and understood.

Laser (2).jpg

Laser is a lovely boy. He is middle aged, not a young pup, and used to being around people and other dogs. He arrived at the shelter in April 2023.

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