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My forever family 

Will you be

Livslång vänskap

To adopt a dog from our shelter 

You have met the dog for you, and the sparks have gone off! You and the dog feel ready to take the next step towards becoming a forever family, so what do you do? 


If possible and what the shelter prefers is that you reserve the dog you have fallen for. To take them for one more walk during your stay ( if you are a resident of the Island you have the chance to visit more often before making a decision).

The shelter always aim to pair/match the right dog with its human, the crew on site take special time out to observe that the relationship looks healthy and are on stand by for all your questions.

In most cases it's actually the dog that picks the human, it's a bond that is hard to break when this happens. Almost all our dogs come from backgrounds of abuse or neglect and so when the bond of trust between dog and human has appeard its everlasting. 

Here are some points to consider before you decide to adopt:

  • Will I have time for this dog, meaning 3 walks per day, playing and interacting with the dog

  • How is my financial situation. Does it allow for food, veterinary costs, insurance etc.

  • Do I have backup in case of work/travel/illness

  • Do I know of anyone in my closest family that suffers from allergic reactions

  • Does my living situation allow for an indoor pet 

When the decision is made and you are ready to sign the papers, the shelter provides you with a family visit to check your living situation provided you live in a country or region where we have pawfriends that help out with these things.

If not, the shelter asks you to provide other proof of your living, before finalizing the procedeure.

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