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A word from our volunteers

In this section we will post stories from our volunteers that come through the year. 

From Volunteers Zuzanna and Edmund


Our first encounter with the shelter was in 2017 - we came up for dog walking and cuddles, and have been coming back to the island and the shelter every year since. The last two years, it has become a tradition - dog walking in the morning, Ligaries beach in the afternoon.


This year, Simon asked us if we had the possibility to help out some more - so we did! We had the best time helping out. Our chores were different, from cleaning the pens, to handling and walking dogs, one day we even helped out with the measurements of the dogs that are already adopted and will be transported during July.


The experience has been amazing - somewhat hard physically (for the one of us who is used to an office job ), but so rewarding for the heart and soul. So far - best holiday week we have had in a long time.


So if you are visiting Skiathos, come by the shelter, walk a dog or two, and if you are comfortable with dogs - volunteer, even if only for some hours. We promise that you will not regret it!


My Story 

During my summer vacation, I visited Skiathos dog shelter and immediately knew I wanted to
contribute by volunteering. I reached out via email and soon found myself on the beautiful island of
Skiathos, ready to help.

Each morning, Nina—who works at the shelter full-time—graciously offered me a ride. Upon arrival,
I received a warm welcome from everyone and quickly became familiar with the shelter layout.
Although I eventually tackled tasks independently, assistance was always nearby if needed. The
shelter dogs proved to be incredibly friendly, and I never once felt uneasy during my stay.

As a volunteer, my primary duty involved caring for Henry's pen, home to 14 small dogs.
Responsibilities included feeding, cleaning the pen (including picking up after the dogs), freshening
up their sleeping quarters, washing water bowls, and raking the gravel. Once these chores were
completed, I took groups of dogs for walks before assisting with additional duties like cleaning,
helping others, and addressing daily priorities.

Volunteering brought immense satisfaction each day, and I feel grateful for having experienced it.
Rest assured, whenever I return to the island, I will continue supporting the wonderful work done by
the shelter team.


During my time there, I developed a special bond with Swiffer (now named Maui).
Given that my husband and I live aboard a sailboat, we agreed to adopt a dog meeting specific
criteria: courage, appropriate size and weight, compatibility with cats, and other factors. To our
delight, Swiffer turned out to be the perfect fit. She confidently navigated our boats movements,
explored the deck without hesitation, and displayed endearing affection.


It wasn't long before my husband shared my enthusiasm, leading to Swiffer becoming a cherished member of our family. Together, we look forward to sharing unforgettable experiences and providing her with a fulfilling life. Embarking on this journey brings us great excitement, and we eagerly anticipate beginning this thrilling new chapter.

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