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Volunteer Program 

Be part of something great this summer

To become a volunteer it's not hard, all that is required of you is that you love dogs and that you are not shy of getting your hands a little bit dirty, but most of all have fun! 

When you sign up to become a volunteer at the shelter, that means you are then a part of our team. Not only will you create long lasting memories and bonds with the dogs, you will have friends for life! 

Summer is our high season with visitors from all over the world. They come to walk the dogs, cuddle, do some grooming if they have time. Over the years we have seen a huge number of people that have expressed a wish to do more then that, this is why we now have opened up for volunteers to come join us while on their holiday!

If you have a few hours to spare while you are in Skiathos this summer please ask a member of staff or simply email us and we can set up a time for you to come and help us. 

Below Christina tells us a little bit of her story as a volunteer- she has become a veteran over the years.

Do you want to come off season or plan a trip next summer?

When someone signs up for volunteer work off season ( october-april) they usually come for at least one week.  Since the island of Skiathos has a lot to offer outside the shelter, such as great walks, horse riding all year around, beautiful sights along the beaches etc. We tend to let the volunteer decide how many days they want to volunteer.​

The island is a quite place when the tourist season is over, a lot of businesses close and the locals start to go out and socialize. The coffee shops are full of people just hanging out and relaxing, the restaurants that stay open are usually busy tending to hungry locals who catch up with each other. 

Our team of volunteers, some of us living full time on the island, some part time try to go out for meals and meet up in our spare time for other activities like horse riding, hikes etc.


To come out to Skiathos off season means no direct flights but easy access to the island via Athens, then domestic flight from there. Or if you opt to discover Volos on the mainland for a few days you can always make your way there by train,bus or rental car from both Athens and Thessaloniki and then walk on the ferry that will take you to Skiathos. 

For accommodation we have a couple of places that offers off season prices for our volunteers. To volunteer means that you cover for all the costs yourself such as flights, living, food etc. 

Volunteering can mean hard work, but it is rewarded by many wet nose kisses and a feeling of satisfaction. 

What a regular day can involve:

  • Feeding breakfast & dinner

  • Vaccinations 

  • Cleaning of all the pens including poop scoop and jetwash of concrete

  • Washing food and water bowls 

  • Dog walking- all dogs has to go out at least once a day off season.

  • Lead training

  • Social training

  • Grooming

  • Maintenance of the facilities 

If you feel that this might be for you, great, because we need you! Please contact us and we will talk more! 

jack o frida .png


When Frida was with us during the spring she became a little bit of an ambassador for the doggies, she started to make little videos showing and presenting each dog to the followers on our social media.


She even started a fundraiser in Norway that raised approx 1000 euros. With that money we were able to purchase a lot of things for the dogs that we had on our wish list! 

A few weeks after Frida had returned to Norway she came back for a week with her boyfriend to help out for a few hours some days, while enjoying her holidays in the sun.

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