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Said by our visitors 

Many of our visitors leave a word or two in our inbox, some of them will be posted here. Did you visit us? Do you want to leave a review and have it posted here? Get in touch with us via email

A few words from Jo and Allan

“We have been visiting the shelter since 2010 and have an 11 year old dog at home (Amber) who we rehomed from here as a puppy in 2013.

The shelter is a wonderful place to visit, with an amazing atmosphere. We wouldn't dream of coming to Skiathos without visiting. The dogs are really well cared for and everyone is so friendly. You can walk a dog, buy a souvenir, make a donation, and you might even find yourself a life companion!"


Rose, the dog in the pictures was one lucky girl during the week that Jo and Allan visited, they spent hours in the shade grooming her and by the end of the week she looked like a different dog!


This is a important part of socializing and not only is it making the dogs more comfortable it makes them trust us humans a little bit more.


Rose is now one of the happy dogs that snagged a forever home early in the season and she is preparing to leave for the UK shortly. Thank you to the Lambeths for halping out, and a little brid whispered in our ears that they exchanged details with Rose's new mum to keep in touch.

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