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"A Home without a pet is

just a house"

Our Story

The first years were very difficult for the shelter, numbers soaring to 170+ dogs in the shelter.


It became a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’ and the only visitors to the shelter were people dumping dogs (and cats).


Over the years contacts were made with international animal organisations and individuals who helped with veterinary care, building projects and food.


Visitors discovered the shelter while exploring the island and began offering homes to the dogs and cats. We began a dog-walking program and opened the shelter to the public which brought more people.

Some of these visitors were so touched by our situation that they went back to their own countries and formed groups. These groups now find wonderful homes for our dogs and cats and more.


We want our dogs to go to loving homes. Where they are treated as part of the family.


Meet the team

448794550_3455182791536211_185424977950348093_n (1).jpg


Hi my name is Lars,

I came to the shelter for the first time many years ago and ended up

adopting a dog!

Since last year, 2023 I have been volunteering part time alongside managing

my own company

back in Sweden.

My experience around dogs goes along way back. In the military I was a dog trainer and after finishing there I have had many dogs,

mainly large breeds.

At the shelter I help out with maintenance, dog training, walking etc.

I would like to say I’m an all around kind of guy that never say’s no to lending a helping hand.



448724956_1268667021182488_6511949806081206762_n (1).jpg



My name is Jenny

I started out coming to

the shelter years ago with my husband Lars.

We spent hours just helping out with dog walking and ended up adopting Sture.

My experience with dogs was limited to my little dog at home, that was more like a human child.

So in the beginning I did find the larger dogs intimidating but soon grew to love them all and the trusting bonds were formed.

I run my own business in Sweden but since last year 2023 I volunteer part time at the shelter.

My main jobs are with the dogs, cleaning, feeding, walking etc.

But I’m also in charge of the upkeep and building of

our website and content for social media and other marketing projects.




I am Nina Lobregt from the Netherlands and 28 years old. I moved to Skiathos in 2018 after finishing my college animal husbandry. I was supposed to be here for a gap year but I have never left. I Started at the shelter in July 2018 Myself I have 7 dogs (all from the shelter), 10 cats, 8 rabbits, 10 chickens, 3 sheep, 1 goat and 2 Donkeys, basically a farm. My family is very supportive and come often to Skiathos to help out as well.


sarah parke


My name is Sarah My partner Simon and I have been coming to Skiathos for over 20 years, we came across the shelter by mistake on one of our hiking trips and well that was it, I knew i wanted to be part of this amazing and rewarding experience. Every holiday we would walk up to the shelter and take a dog or two for a walk. We emigrated to Skiathos three years ago and I am happy to say I am now a fulltime member of the team and feel fulfilled every time a dog gets walked, socialised and even better - adopted into their forever home.



Vice president

Sheba and Glenda_edited.jpg

glenda shrubb


Hi, my name is Glenda.
I first visited Skiathos in 2002 and moved here permanently in 2014. I have been volunteering at the dog shelter since 2016, and have met many residents over the years and seen lots of them find their forever homes. It gives me great pleasure being able to help look after them and love them whilst they are here.



My name is Simon. I had been visiting the Dog shelter and dog walking as a tourist for over 10 years. Sarah and I moved here over 3 years ago. I currently volunteer at the shelter 3 days a week. I help with everything I can including: Feeding, cleaning, walking and repairs, there is so much to do. I tend to work with the bigger challenging dogs as I prefer a larger dog . However the smaller dogs and puppies can be a handful too. The satisfaction of seeing the visitors going home happy and the dogs walked is worth the effort.

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