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Lukas story 


We visited Skiathos Dog Shelter while on holiday in August 2022.


With being big dog lovers we thought we would walk one of their dogs and give our support. On our visit we wanted to take one of the bigger dogs out as we could see a lot of people were going for the smaller dogs and puppies.


So we chose 4 year old Luka who had been at the shelter for around a year and apparently very popular with visitors but he’d never been adopted. After our first walk we were smitten with the boy so returned to the shelter every day until the end of our holiday.


Each day, we became more attached to the little fella whose loving, friendly personality shone through. So we decided we could give him a forever home in our already multi dog house.


A few months late, when all the paperwork and vetting was complete, Luka was on his way. We were able to track and have updates during Lukas journey across Europe. When Luka, arrived with us, he appeared to never have been in a house and was very wary of the TV, but it wasn’t long before he realised there was nothing to worry about and this was his new, safe, forever home with his two doggie brothers, who were very friendly towards him.

He has now been with us for over a year and he has settled like he’s always been here. He is such a loving boy.


The volunteers at the shelter do such an amazing job and rely on donations to support their doggies in the shelter. The whole process was a lot more straightforward than I thought it would be, and I would highly recommend if any one was thinking of adopting and giving one of these dogs a forever home.

Lukas first christmas with his brothers
Vreni Jay,- the UK
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