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Walk & Cuddle 

Perhaps the time isn't right for a new pet.

But you are always welcome to join in on our daily walks and cuddles! 

The pawfect crew! 

The shelter is open 365 days a year to the public, including Chrismtas, New Year and Easter. The volunteers have an organised shift pattern working along side other team members, but they are flexible to enable all volunteers have the opportunity to spend time with their families and deal with their paid jobs.

To make sure that all animals are properly looked after they start every morning by cleaning the pens, sweeping and mopping the areas that are in need of this. After that it's time for breakfast! 

This is truly lovely to see, all dogs have their own little patch for feeding and they know so well where to go. 

The puppies have their routine and the older ones usually eat on chains to prevent any hostile take over of foodbowls!  It might sound like not a very nice way to eat, but it really does provide each and every dog a feeling of security and to owning it's space during feeding.

After feeding it's down time to give the bellies some time to digest the breakfast. This is when the crew start the set up for the day. There are merchandise to take out, outdoor seating to wipe, poopbags and trashcans to bring out, all in preparation for the visitors to come.

To guarantee you enjoy and get the most from your dog walk, the team will ask you about your experiance with dogs and also take in consideration your footwear before commencing on your walk.

( Please note: FlipFlops are unsuitable for our large dogs and terrain)

All under 14's should be accompanied by an adult, our dogs will be double leashed, so that both the adult and the young person can enjoy the experience.

If you by any chance feel like only a cuddle when you arrive at the shelter that is most welcomed especially by the youngest puppies. Nothing better then a snug cuddle in the shade under the trees! 

Times for walks are:


Monday-Sunday: 8:30-12:00 (if temperatures allow)


Monday-Sunday: 9:30-12:30


Group walks - Please contact Sarah directly to arrange 


Group of dogs
Dogs with woman
Bulldog looking at the camera

Finding us

Finding us by car:

On the main road between Skiathos Town and Koukounaries you will find the junction at Troulos. You really can’t miss the turn as it’s the largest junction on the main road. Simply turn inland and follow the road. As long as you keep climbing upwards you will find the signs for the Shelter.

Please make sure you park in the designated spot indicated by the Parking Area sign.

Finding us by Taxi:

That’s simple, all the Taxi drivers know where the Shelter is. But don’t forget to ask the driver to collect you later!

Finding us on foot:

If you’re fit and healthy and fancy a challenge why not walk up to the Shelter? Just get the bus to Troulos and follow the road inland. Be warned though, it can take an hour depending on your walking speed and there are no facilities at the shelter so bring plenty of water and attend to the “call of nature” before you leave.

Find us by GPS

Latitude: 39° 9’45.34″N
Longitude: 23°25’51.62″E

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