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Meet Twirly

Male mixed breed

born 2023-01-26

Here is Twirly, the gorgeuos and curious doggie, with Twirly you will find love is the leading word!

Twirly loves to be petted and enjoys exploring the surroundings.


At the moment there is some work to be done in training Twirly to walk on the lead. But don’t let this shy you away! Twirly has proven to learn fast and is willing to pick up good habits so to fit in to a family and a household.


During Twirlys walks there are many stops to smell the flowers and the grass. We think a family with a lot of time for a pet would be great for Twirly. There has been no sign that there would be any problems with other dogs or children. But of course as with all new encounters there should always be a lot of time put in to make both parts feel safe and secure.


If you pick Twirly to become your new family member we can reassure you that you will get lots of cuddles and kisses!

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