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Are you planning a trip to skiathos? 

Currently we have a partnership with the following airlines 

TUI & British Airways have kindly arranged FREE CHARITY ALLOWANCE, for Skiathos Dog Shelter. If you want to help please email the following to us and we will send you a letter that will give you a 10kg additional allowance. 

  • Full name on passport

  • Departure Date 

  • Flight number 


Items that we are in need of

  • We are grateful for any items; however, we really need the following:
    • Scalibor or Calizar Sandflies Collars
    • Joint / Muscle Supplements / Superfood Supplements
    • Yumove Digestive Care / Pro Plan FortiFlora Canine Probiotic
    • Vitamins / Conditioning Tablets
    • DRONTAL worming (adult) / Milbemax worming tablets
    • Ataxxa / Vectra flea spot on / Spot on – for fleas & ticks
    • Frontline Spray – Ticks & Lice
    • Virbac Epiotic Ear Care
    • Strong hold plus – fleas / Frontline flea spray
    • Saline Wound Wash Spray
    • Royal Canin Rehydration Support Sachets
    • Very Strong Leads, for 30KG plus
    • Cosy Dog Brand Harnesses Size 2, 3 & 4 
    • Large Slow Eating Bowls

Image by Drew Beamer

Thank you from your furry friends! 

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