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Rehoming Stories 

A word from Freddie

Hi everyone, the ladies' favourite Freddie here!

I’m living in the UK and loving my life with my pack of ladies - (I’m the only boy in my all- girl squad!)

I settled in really well at home not too many toilet accidents which was great. I had my own little private space just for me which I used till I felt more familiar with my buddies,

but the girls are so friendly I soon got the hang what we do every day. I’m funny, smart and opportunistic around food!

A word from Hugo's family 

When Hugo arrived he was extremely nervous. He wouldn't walk on our wooden floors and barked at his reflection in all the mirrors.

He stuck to us like glue,...but after a couple of days it was like he had been here forever.

Hugo now plays, joins in all the fun (and naughtiness), with the others and has just the most loving goofy personality. He also smiles a lot!

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