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Meet Rodney

Rodney was born on the 2022-12-12

Meet Rodney, he is a little sparkle at the shelter. He had the fortune to be living with a family for a few weeks to build up some extra strength. Unfortunately Rodney could not stay with the family, but the time spent there made him more aware of his self worth and after that he seems more confident at the shelter.


Rodney is a little bundle of joy and would be perfect in a family. We feel Rodney is great at walking on a lead and he responds great to smaller commands such as sit and come.


This is a litte boy who doesn’t require long walks, he would be happy living in a apartment as long as he gets cuddles, love, food, clean water and short strolls and playtime to work off some energy!


A perfect pet for anyone really, that feels that they have the time and space ( in their hearts) since he takes up very little space!

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